Cut the crap, loose weight.

April 24, 2010

I have tried several times to loose weight. I have never tried diet books as I believe loosing weight is not rocket science. However, I have tried intensive training as I believed sports was the only solution to loose weight and keep it the same on the long run. My creed was "To loose weight, work out harder." It works but requires too much work and it is easy to skip several workout sessions as you have to proactively do something Being proactive is the first problem. So how do I solve this passively ?

Use a passive regime diet ...

Some things work best when you do not have to manage them, diet is a good example. It would be very easy to have someone preparing your meals according to your diet regime. You would have nothing to do except to eat only what is prepared for you and you would eventually lose weight. It does not work that way. The only things you will always have is your body and your mind, nothing else. So is there a solution ?

The human body is a beautiful yet complex machine but it work according to simple rules. Give food to your body and it will use it. Give too much food to your body and it will store it. Give slightly less than it needs and it will use it all and founds extra food somewhere else. Somewhere else is in your body. You can sum it up with:

Eat less than you consume.

Therefore, cut down your food intake and you won't have to workout (or just a little). Now the question is what do I eat ?

... with the right food

I said the human body is a complex machine as it can use  different sorts of food to produce energy. It also requires additional helps to work properly (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, probiotics, essential fatty acids, etc... ). Those elements come from numerous sources and in different quantities. What is essential to know here, is that they are found all found in beans, legumes, eggs, dairy, fruit, fish, seafood, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, vegetables, rice, grains, poultry and lean meat. Eat food from this list and you will give to your body the essential; the right food.

Does it work ?

I am myself a product of it. I went from 88kg to 82 kg in 4 months while working out at most once a week. I eat cereals and nuts in the morning with water. I eat rice, vegetables, (not very often spices), and lean meat/fish at lunch time and dinner time. At dinner time, I also eat fruits. It is not rocket science and my energy level has sky rocketed.

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