My 2010 year game plan

April 9, 2010


** We are in April now. I know what is my work rhythm now and how I get on with it. So I think it is a good time to lay my final game plan for 2010. **

UPDATE: We are at the end of August 2010. My goals have slightly changed and some have been completed.

UPDATE: The year is now over and the result is quite good money wise but poor knowledge wise. I count 9 FAILED (45%), 4 HALF SUCCESS (20%) and 7 SUCCESS (35%).

Laying plan : 3 goals - Software engineering skills, Chinese and Personal Development

I have three goals for this year 2010 (most important one first):

  1. Brush up on my software engineering skills

    1. Data structure and algorithms. **FAILED as I did not open any textbook and my work did not involved any data structure or algorithms.**
    2. Software design using UML and Entity/Relationship diagrams **FAILED for the reason above.**
    3. Programming language : C++ and C#/Java
    4. UPDATED : Programming language : Objective-C and Java. Reasons : I am going to develop for the Java and iOS platforms. HALF SUCCESS as I started doing iOS dev but not released anything yet.
    5. Web development : XHTML5/CSS 3/AJAX. **FAILED as no work involved those technologies.**
  2. Learn the first 1000 chinese simplified characters

    1. Pinyin
    2. Meaning of the words
    3. Character writing
  3. UPDATED : Learn the first 300 traditional chinese characters **FAILED as I did not learn them.**

    1. Input system to use : Zhuyin **SUCCESS as I know them know though I forgot most of them as I write.**
    2. Meaning of words **FAILED as I did not have a routine and enough motivation.**
    3. Recognise them **FAILED as I did not learn thme.**
  4. Personal development

    1. Learning skills
      1. Find efficient method(s) to get things in my head for chinese and technical content. **FAILED as I did not experiment techniques.**
      2. Learn a speed reading method to improve input. **FAILED as I did not set time for it.**
    2. **Speaking skills. **
      1. Explain any topic in a very concise way. **HALF SUCCESS as I can make myself understand better but there is still a long way to go especially for technical problems.**
      2. Speak louder. **SUCCESS as I generally speak louder which means I am more confident.**
    3. Thinking skills
      1. Think more in terms of inputs and outputs. **FAILED for unknown reasons.**
    4. Money

      1. Pay back my £3000 loan by September. **SUCCESS as I payed everything back on November 21th 2010.**
      2. Fully automate the management of my money.
      3. Pay myself first strategy (savings first). **SUCCESS as I managed to save £1600 on top of paying my loan. **
      4. Minimize expenses to only what is necessary
        1. ** Living expenses. ****SUCCESS as I lived with at most £700/m.**
        2. Education material. **SUCCESS as I spend my money on two books to become better or richer.**
        3. Travel. **SUCCESS as I bought two trips to Asia.**
  5. Body

    1. Manage my energy level. **HALF SUCCESS as I did not sleep enough and have good quality night sleeps but ate healthy food.**
    2. Weight 80-82kg. **HALF SUCCESS as I weight 83kg .**


I have three well defined goals. Let's see how I get on with them. I will review those points every six months to see where I make some progress.

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