My 2011 game plan

January 12, 2011

Update December 2011: I had 6 successes, 3 half success and 3 failed.

We are now in 2011 and I know what I want to achieve exactly. So let's start:

  1. Software **Engineering**

    1. Data structure and algorithms. **FAILED since I did not open any textbook though my work did involves data structure and algorithms. To be honest, I have not been specific enough about I want to learn in this field.**
    2. Programming language : Objective-C and Java. SUCCESS since my work involves Java development and I am working on my  iOS iPhone app.
  2. **Money **

    1. Pay £1600 back to my Dad. CANCELLED since my Dad offered them to me
    2. Pay 500€ back to my sister. SUCCESS
    3. Pay 500€ back to my brother.SUCCESS
    4. **Save £5500 for 台灣。HALF SUCCESS (saved £5300) **
  3. **Chinese **

    1. Pass the TOC or HSK. Which one is to be confirmed yet.  FAILED (I did not look into it)
    2. Read chinese/Write in chinese a little bit everyday. FAILED (I started but did not keep writing it)
  4. **Computing **

    1. Release my project before March 2011. HALF SUCCESS (still working on it)
  5. **Family/Girlfriend **

    1. Make 我的家 happy. SUCCESS
    2. Make 我的奴朋友 happy. SUCCESS (I moved to 台灣)
  6. Body

    1. Manage my energy level. HALF SUCCESS, I had better quality sleep as well as longer sleep hours.
    2. Weight 78-80Kg. SUCCESS, I am 80Kg (with a peak at 78Kg during summer)

My goals seems little but achieving all of them will be the best thing I could have done for myself this year.

See you in 3 months for a review. (I have not reviewed any of these in nearly a year, next time review it once every 3-4 months)

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