My 2014 game plan - End of year review

December 31, 2014

Here I am at the end of 2014. I have not achieved everything yet I considered it a good year. In all hosnesty, some objectives would require to be dedicated full time for a few months alone.

Here is my end of year review:

Computer Science:

Status Year(s) Objective Estimate
FAILED [2013-2014] Release Pomodoro App - C++/OpenGL/iPhone. 2 months
ONGOING [2013-2014] Release simple video game (eg: Pong) - C++/OpenGL/iPhone/Android. 1 month
DONE 2014 EGL for iOS. 3 months
PARTIAL [2013-2014] Data structures/algorithms
CANCELLED - Study/memorize. 1 month
DONE - C++ implementation. 1 month
PLANNED 2014 Read "Code complete" book. 2 weeks
ONGOING 2013 Read "The pragmatic programmer" 2 weeks
DONE [2013-2014] Maintained Target Condition C library none
DONE [2013-2014] Maintained libdatastructure C library none
DONE [2013-2014] Maintained boostiphone-generic none
DONE [2013-2014] Maintained dotfiles none
DONE [2014] Created cubietruck OS image creation automation 3 months


Status Year(s) Objective Estimate
DONE 2013 Open Trading account 1 month
CANCELLED [2013-2014] Own 3 growth value stocks 2 weeks
CANCELLED [2013-2014] Own 3 dividend stocks 2 weeks
DONE 2014 Own World Stock Market with Index Funds 2 weeks
FAILED [2013-2014] Trade forex once a week for fun (and maybe profit) 4 weeks
- Curency pair to trade ?
DONE 2013 Read "Why I left Goldman Sachs - Greg Smith" 1 week
- on how investment banks's is only to make money (via fees) on their clients.

Personal Finance:

Status Year(s) Objective Estimate
DONE 2013 Have living/operational expense under 200,000NT 1 week
ONGOING 2014 Save 600kNT (500kNT-2013) 1 year
DONE 2013 Invest an additional 100,000NT in stocks. 1 month


Year(s) Objective Estimate Status
DONE [2013-2014] Energy Level: Get 8 hours of solid and uninterrupted sleep. 1 month
FAILED [2013-2014] Weight: stabilise at 82kg (with Lafay method). 3 month
[2013-2014] Workout:
FAILED [2013-2014] - Lafay method: Level 1 by end of February. 1 month
FAILED - I did it on and off. That's really a shame 1 month
FAILED [2013-2014] - Yoga: Touch my toes with legs straight. Unlock hips. 1 month
DONE [2013-2014] - Handball: Get in motion when receiving the ball. 1 month
FAILED [2013-2014] - Swim: Swim 1km in a row. 1 month
FAILED - I did not swim 1km and went to the swimming pool on and off. 1 month


Status Year(s) Objective Estimate
FAILED [2013-2014] Network like crazy. 6 months
DONE [2013-2014] Smile to people. 6 months
DONE [2013-2014] Make my family and Ling happy. 6 months
DONE [2013-2014] Talk to random people. 6 months
[2013-2014] Be better at managing people:
DONE [2013-2014] - Listen more 2 months
DONE [2013-2014] - Less strict/picky with coworkers 1 months

Work productivity:

Status Year(s) Objective Estimate
DONE [2013-2014] Be more efficient and effective to work less hours. There is work and life. 3 months
DONE [2013-2014] Set deadline for each task. 1 months


Status Year(s) Objective Estimate
FAILED [2013-2014] Reduce my wardrobe by 30% 2 weeks
FAILED [2013-2014] Reduce possession overall 2 weeks

Estimate defined as for 8h day.

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