Prototyping may be the solution to my time management/coding issues

August 27, 2012

After 8 weeks coding, I did the Maths: I have about 28h worth of free time a week. That's a maximum of 28h worth of coding time for my own project if coding is my only hobby. That's an awfull little time especially when I see I try to design things with the following conditions:

This is without taking in count the numerous bugs along the way, unfamiliarity with C++, lots of C++ related reading and unexpected issues (eg: CMake was suppose to help me write a cross platform build system but I ended "wasting" 2 weeks to get CMake find iOS/OS X frameworks. I gave up and replace CMake with an Xcode project for the iOS platform although later I would like give it another go (See "My other go to CMake").).

I must revise my project objectives/requirements and the way I code it. I cannot afford to spend that much time on coding things - After all, it is only one of my hobbies. I have other priorities in life. So now, I am going to prototype everything. Prototyping will enable:

I know why I want to do this, however, I face another issue: me. I am somekind of "do it right using best practices, right now. It will server you later" kind of guy and this is going to be hard to take off of my developer's hat. I understand my problem but I am not sure how to resolve it.

My other go to CMake

I am pretty happy with CMake, after some great deal of pain, research, digging I managed to generate:

HOWEVER, CMake does NOT provide tools:

Hence, CMake and my coding requirements are not a good match.

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